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By lostangel556
Hi All,
Starting an nice little project of mine and could do with some advice.
Basically its an 3 bar VU meter (Low, Middle, High Pass) with audio intake via an bluetooth chip with the headset/speaker out.

I know there is plently of diagrams around to make an VU meter to do what i want. The main issue im having is finding an reasonably well documented bluetooth IC.
I've had an look at the CSR Bluecore4 Headset IC and it seems to be able to do what i need. Anyone had any experience wiring bluetooth audio?

The idea with this project is to make an RGB LED light that is controlled by the audio from an computer. In the past ive used an arduino pro mini and serial connection but this is dependant on having software on the computer capable of sending the string to the arduino (which then id have to code for each of my OS ( i run all the major ones))