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By lukemalpass
Is the LE basically a nordic 24L01+ with a uC? At the moment I just use the 24L01+ with a PIC, but the LE looks like a cool alternative. However, what is the uC on it and how do you program it? I thought the 8051s were just the old Intel chips from the 80s or are they now more like a generic chip than can be programmed in a higher language or similar to the Microchip stuff?

Any info on how you would actually program the uC would be good, I've done a quick google and nothing really stands out other than documents mentioning the 80s chip as mentioned).
By brennen
Not sure if you're still watching this thread, but the 24LE1 incorporates an 8051-based microcontroller with a 24L01+ radio, all on one die. It also has other features, like SPI, I2C, AES accelerator, etc. You can program the chips in C with SDCC. I have uploaded an incomplete SDK for them on my website, as well as a full AES implementation that can use the AES accelerator (or not) depending on how it's compiled. I have re-enabled my store for anyone that is still interested in 24LE1 boards.

I program the 24LE1 with my own homemade setup. I use an NXP LPC2148 board (LPC-H2148 board from Olimex). You program the 24LE1 with SPI, plus one extra pin to control the PROG pin, for a total of 5 I/O pins. The source code I use to do the programming is here: ...

The 24LE1 boards that I sell have a pre-loaded bootloader (written by me), that allows them to be programmed on a PC over a standard serial port. The software for this can be downloaded from the 24LE1 product pages at my store.
By seawwh0
Hi, brennen.

I am very intereting in ur work of nRF24LE1.
I have made a simple programmer for nRF24LE1 using a STM32 MCU.
I can read/erase/program nRF24LE1 by it.
but I have a incorrect infopage in my nRF24LE1(32pins), so it not work
as normal, it like a nRF24LE1(24pins), I only can use P0 GPIO.
Could u give me a help , send me the infopage data of nRF24LE1(32pins), so, I reprogram nRF24LE1 and make it work as normal.
Following is incorrect infopage of my nRF24LE1(32pins):

0000: 5A 5A 43 30 42 35 32 31-04 25 07 FF FF FF FF FF ZZC0B521.%......
0010: 21 B1 50 0E 11 FF FF FF-FF 82 FF FF FF FF FF FF !.P.............

by the way , I can open ur wet site . why ?
By phar
Hello all, had to fight through some issues with the nordic 24LU1P, and it seems most people like me are too cheap to buy a single purpose spi programmer with the devkit for $500 :) ...

bought my breakout from sparkfun which came with a bootloader.. and of course in testing if everything was working i bricked my bootloader with the first successful flash (which is expected behaviour without taking some steps to re-enable the bootloader)

whipped out the aardvark and made an XML file for programming and reading the nordic LU1+, but it should be similar enough to work for you, i have added the parts but not tested with the LE.. hope this works for you.. just thought i would share:

if you add any nordic parts to your file, i just ask that you share so that i can update the XML
By SkikoVienna
I also cleared the bootloader and now try to get it back. Has anyone succesfully done this? I programm my breakout board over SPI with the use of a buspirate and a self written processing software which is very slow but working.
Where do I have to programm the bootloader? Do I have to set some registers too? I tried various settings and never got the board recognised by my PC again.
I'll post a link to my processing file as soon as i find a place to upload it.

By phar
i have reflashed the bootloader using the hex file from the SDK, i was also able to build new binaries and flash them.

i have noticed that the nrf is a little picky about its erase cycle timing i generally have to run the "erase all" command twice before i get a reliable flash/verify.. are you verifying your firmware image after flashing?
By abhinavjain
HI, I'm looking for a miniature SoC solution for bluetooth connectivity. Does Nordic nRF24LE1 can do it without any external peripherals (except an antenna)?

I have to run a small code to gather sensor data, and transmit it over bluetooth to a smartphone.

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By leon_heller
The nRF24LE1 uses the nRF24L01+ radio transceiver. It isn't Bluetooth-compatible.
By SkikoVienna
Nordic has an other IC containing a Bluetooth module and a microcontroller. I cant remember the correct Name but the rfduino project uses it.
By farzad
The last post in this thread goes back to almost 7 years ago (-2 days) : D

I am working with nRF24LE1 and trying to use a JTAG debugger but looks like everything is built around Keil uVision which is no cheap. I am even willing to drop $500 and get the nRFGo kit which includes the nRFProbe but again from what I read nRFProbe only works with Keil.

Anyone with experience in JTAG debugging nRF24LE1?

Also anyone has managed to run an RTOS on nRF24LE1? We are trying to port one from ... -rtos-8051 but came across some issues with the timer.