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By lyndon
What range are you guys getting with your Bluetooth modules? Using the built in Bluetooth in a Thinkpad and my RN41 I can't get anywhere near the quoted 300 ft. even line of sight in clear air. I think my best so far is about 100'

I could go to ZigBee, but I guess I'd like to be sure that I'll get some real range out of it before I do!
By phishguy
Even though the RN41 module is a class 1 rated up to 100 meters, I doubt if the Bluetooth device in the Thinkpad is also a class 1 module. It is more likely a class 2 module which has a line of sight range of approximately 30 meters. The only way you would be able to extend that range is to use an external class 1 USB/Bluetooth module or to use a Bluetooth repeater. Using the RN41 module to another class 1 device I am able to easily get 100 meters line of sight.