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Hello together.

If have a working openocd configuration for an custom cortex_r4 target and i´m able to debug with gdb. But there are no "etm" and "etb" possible within the telnet session at port 4444. Does openocd support ETM/ETB trace for cortex-r4 targets?

Here the essence of my openocd configuration:

jtag newtap auto0 tap -irlen 4 -expected-id 0x4ba00477
dap create dapname -chain-position auto0.tap
cti create map3.cti -dap dapname -ap-num 1 -ctibase 0x80005000
target create map3.cpu cortex_r4 -dap dapname -ap-num 1 -dbgbase 0x80002000

Thanks in advantage!