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By Sam43054
Pre order question—

With a normal ESP8266 you can send it into deep sleep when you connected the required pins and send the appropriate coding

Can either the 1st version or the 2nd generation WiFi IR Blaster - ESP8266 board allow deep sleep? It appears the required the pins are not brought to the pin outs..

Can anyone tell me if the board can do deep sleep even if it requires small wire soldering to the ESP itself ?
*Note: This question might be better directed at the Espressif forums (for the manufacturer of the ESP-12).

Unfortunately, I am not absolutely sure about that function (as I have never used or tested it on an ESP-12). However, it does seem to be mentioned in the datasheet (page 14) that is linked on the product page.

I did find some instructions online, using a simple Google search, that may help get that feature working: