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I seemed to have bricked my brand new SparkX Pro RF - LoRa®-enabled 915MHz ( while following the instructions for the Things Network setup here: ... gs-network

My computer no longer detects it as an addressable device, and the blue "stat" LED on the board doesn't light up. (An identical, unprogrammed board is recognized and lights up fine.)

Anyone else have this problem? Any solution or factory reset possible? I know SparkX boards are use-at-your-own-risk, but having it become useless in the first setting and while following a Sparkfun guide is pretty depressing.
Yes, I have been (laboriously!) down this path. Now thanks to lots of help from the Sparkfun team I can answer this.

1) It's not bricked. You need to do the double tap bootloader reset to get the board back.

2)I am using the AU915 frequency too. So instead of using the Sparkfun tutorial code, I have been using a library mcci-catena/arduino-lmic (Github) which has provision for the region in its preconditions code. But I forgot to change the pin mappings to the Sparkfun ones and this seems to have caused the board shut down.

So once the board is reset and the code is altered to include the pin mappings I have been able to get messages up to the Things Network using ABP. Phew, lots of time consumed troubleshooting this one.