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I was trying to follow this tutorial: ... e-hardware

but was unable to build the SparkX A111 examples. I think the sparkX files were made for an earlier version (1.3.5) and the newer version (1.3.9) might have changed enough that it breaks the build. I did not see a way to download the older SDK on the Acconeer website.

Is there an copy of the old SDK version somewhere or is there a patch to build the examples with the newer SDK?

Never mind the make error, something was wrong with the rules import. The directories need changed in Sparkfun's repo to "user_rule" and "user_source". The files compile now, but I get a runtime error:

11:52:31.252 [ 8683] (W) (acc_board_rpi_sparkx-3_r1c): acc_board_gpio_init: failed to set initial pull with status: Bad parameter
11:52:31.252 [ 8683] (E) (acc_board_rpi_sparkx-3_r1c): acc_board_gpio_init failed with Bad parameter
11:52:31.252 [ 8683] (E) (rss): Integration: Could not execute acc_board_gpio_init().
I've downloaded the 1.60 SDK from Acconeer, pulled the very latest SparkX fork (most recent update 17d ago), which include precompiled binaries.

The precompiled binaries work and the A111 is clearly working and 'seeing' objects at varying distances - an excellent start :-)

Trying to compile the source throws 14 make errors, mostly 'conflicting types' or 'previous declaration' and thus fails. At first sight this suggests to me that Acconeer has 'tidied up' their code and some duplication has arisen. The Acconeer code compiles correctly without errors, but of course is not configured to the SparkX ports/pins so can't communicate properly with the SparkX board.

I will try to read through the SparkX code and see if I can spot these inheritance/duplication errors, but I'm probably at the comfortable edge of my C knowledge.
Hi Guys,

Have any of you succeeded in getting the A111 working and successfully compiling code with SDK 1.6.0 or newer? If not would it be possible for one of you guys to send me an old version of the SDK?

Thanks in advance.

- Erik.