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By kristspo

Is there some thermal data available for big heatsink used on Sparkfun Stepoko board? I would like to go through power dissipation thermal management calculation on this example for my electronics studies. Nothing seems to be said about this heatsink in Stepoko Github, probably it was custom part.

I know that intent was that it should be thermally connected with the case of the mill or cooled by air flow.

(I also wonder somewhat how useful really are small heatsinks on the top of DRV8811 ics – as small amount of heat is expected to flow through plastic top of the case. Datasheet of DRV8811 says Junction-to-case bottom thermal resistance is 2.8 °C/W and Junction-to-case top thermal resistance 19.3 °C/W. Probably they were meant more for backup purposes.)

Hi kristspo,

The big heatsink on the Stepoko was custom-milled here at SparkFun so I am not sure what kind of thermal data we would have available for it. I will try and dig around to see if we have anything about that in our internal system during development but, most likely, we do not have any thermal data for that heatsink.

The small heatsinks are certainly just back-up/overkill to protect the drive ICs during operation. Although it is probably not very helpful for your research, we do have a datasheet available for this as we carry these separately from the Stepoko.