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By pattern
Hello -

I want to amplify a 0-3.3V DC signal to 0-10V DC using the TSH82. I'm indifferent to whether the output is inverted or not inverted, as I can always switch the output wires. I read through the tutorial but I am still having issues.

I believe I need to solder a jumper on JP5, provide 12V power to +VCC, attach GND to -VEE, and apply 0-2.12V to -IN1. I should be able to read a 4.7X amplified signal with a voltmeter between OUT1 and GND.

It's unclear if there is an issue with my board or if there is something incorrect with the wiring described above. I consistently read 10V between OUT1 and GND, even when I apply no signal to -IN1. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!