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By spoggles
I understand that a series 3 module is capable of I2C communication.

I would like to set up a series 3 in a remote location and configure it remotely with my series 1 xbee.

The series 1 would be the master and the series 3 is the remotely located ‘slave’

May I configure the series 3 device with my existing series 1 device and receive the data from the series 3 device connected to the I2C devices ?
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By TS-Mark
Hi spoggles,

To talk to Series 1 XBee/Zigbee radios, you most likely need to flash the older model's firmware to the XBee 3 using XCTU. We can't really help with that but Digi's Support Page might have some information that can help. Another option would be to either contact Digi or post on the Digi Support Forum.