pic32mx795/512H bootloader

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pic32mx795/512H bootloader

Post by KamPutty » Wed May 28, 2014 1:34 pm

Hi all,

I just want to ask specific questions with hopefully a yes no answer to make sure I understand before implementing a bootloader.

I'm using a pic32mx795H512F...

There are 2 modes for the bootloader
- Use the Bootloader memory area (12k)
- Install the Bootloader in the main memory area (512k)

My understanding is that if I install the bootloader in the bootloader area, I cannot use the debugger. Is this a true statement?

If I want to use a debugger in conjunction with the Bootloader, I must install it in the application area. Yes?

I just need a simple UART bootloader; program starts, polls the UART for 't' seconds, then continues if no Bootloader updates etc.

Much appreciated!

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