Bloader with 877A and 4MHz

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Bloader with 877A and 4MHz

Postby thedinuka » Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:21 am

Hi All,
has anyone tried to use the sparkfun bloader with PIC16F877A running on 4MHz. I tried recently and am getting some errors.
First I put the "Bloader-877A-4MHz.hex" in to my pic and open hyperterm at 9600 baud. There in hyperterm I get the "OK" messages transmitted by the pic. Then I start the screamer v1,6 with 9600 baud. When I click download program, it goes in to the waiting state. So far so good, but then when I reset the pic I get either a message saying that the URAT is transmitting with a different baud or a message saying that the pic did not respond correctly. I've doubled checked all the settings and still trying to solve this prob. Has anyone else had similar experiences ??
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