wireless bootloading for the atmega88

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wireless bootloading for the atmega88

Post by teamtestbot » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:33 am

Hello all,

I posted this a few days beforehand but it seems to have been eaten by the spam filter. Anyways, I've been following Sparkfun's excellent writeup on wireless bootloading using the XBEE radios. I have a handful of robot boards I want to implement this on, but the problem is that they were made a while back using mega88 chips. As I understand it, the mega88 has a different memory page size than the mega168.

I am not sure where in the source code for the firmware (and Screamer) provided by Sparkfun is the definition for chips and memory page sizes. It seems like if these are changed to match the mega88 specification, then the bootloader should work fine. Is anyone here familiar with the software such that they know what to change?


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