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Would appreciate guidance on an RFID small tag and reader project.
The idea is to get the smallest RFID tag and be able to read that tag from 30-40cm.

Would that be possible using the Rain Tag?

the tag can be about 3mm in size but we need to be able to read it from 30-40cm

Would appreciate guidance if the above expectations are doable and what hardware should be used for initial testing.

Hi ahmadh20,

A 30-40cm read range for that tag is going to be next to impossible with the UHF RFID reader we carry, the SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Reader-M6E Nano and we do not have any other UHF RFID tags of a similar size that would be capable of that read range. Those tags are more for small read ranges within an inch or two. You could get the 30-40cm read range with our standard UHF tags like these and either the on-board antenna or an external antenna but those will not fit your requirements of a 3mm tag. If you are interested in learning more about the Simultaneous RFID Reader, I would recommend reading through the entire Hookup Guide for that board.

Unfortunately, you may need to look for a custom solution for this application as I am not aware of any RFID readers that would be capable of a 30-40cm range with a 3mm tag.