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By saintomj
I am trying to make a timing system for my PE colleagues using the UHF simultaneous reader.
I bought all the component and made some tests already, most of which are successful.

The biggest issue so far is the total inability to connect the system to use URA. Tried 2 computers win 7 and win 10, downloaded the appropriate drivers but can't connect. I read several posts on this forum but I could not find a working solution to that issue.
For my project though, I don't really need it, the only good help would be to identify the tags.

So far, I have been able to read the tag id and transfer them to an excel spreadsheet using the PLX-DAQ library and files and that works pretty well.

Here is my main question: "Is there an efficient way to filter the data received by the RFID antenna?"

I tried time filtering, convert to an edge trigger based on the last TAG read but I can't make it work. That becomes a problem as sometimes, a tag will be read 20 times and if a second one passes at the same time, it may be ignored.
Also, that fills the serial connection for no reason.

I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks


Here is the list of materials:
- Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano
- Red Board
- Basic serial CH340G
- UHF external Antenna
- Adhesive tags
By paulvha
Your request is a bit confusing to me. I have connected the Nano succesfull ESP8266, ESP32, raspberry PI ,Uno, Mega2560, ubuntu, windows etc. The RFID antenna is always 1... there is only 1 antenna on the Nano. What is it you try to do? The fact that one tag reads muliple times is normal, as it might be stronger to the antenna, but that does not mean the other one is not detected or read. A number of projects have been posted on
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By saintomj
Hi Paul,
Sorry if I was not clear enough. I know it is normal to receive several readings of one tag and what I would like to do is only save the first one in a certain time frame.
Let say a runner lap is between 5 and 10s so I would like to lock each tag for a minimum of 5s. That is more Arduino programming and so far anything I tried did not work.

As for the unread tags, I don't know what is happening which is why I asked if anybody tried multiple antennas since the M6E-Nanon has the capability to handle up to 4.