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By Rasras
Hey guys,

I am struggeling with the reader in terms of reading distance.
The reader itself should be able to detect tags of about 1 - 2 feet away. However, in my case it's more like 1 - 2 inches.
I know about the TNC Antenna but this is a overkill for my application.

So the question:
Is there a small antenna to get the distance to about 1 - 2 feet that I can connect to the reader?

Thanks in advance
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By TS-Mark
Hi Rasras,

That read range is very low so there may be some interference or other issue creating that dip in performance. The PCB antenna on the Simultaneous RFID Reader is planar so you want to align the tag like the photo on the main page of the Arduino Library's GitHub Repository shows. You will also need to increase the read power significantly, which will also most likely require an alternate power source from USB. Again, that photo gives a good example of an external supply but this section of our Hookup Guide will go into more details. Finally, the Range Test section of the Hookup Guide gives some good pointers on reducing interference to get the maximum read range from the M6E Nano.

As for a smaller antenna that would give you a 1-2ft read range, I am afraid we do not have any good recommendations but the M6E Nano Design Guide has a list of ThingMagic/Jadak Authorized Antennas on page 42. Otherwise, you can search around for UHF antennas.
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By Rasras
Hey Mark,

thanks for the answer. I was afraid to hear that.
My reader is powered via a 5V power supply and also the read power is set to 27dbm.
Have to search for an working antenna I guess....
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By TS-Mark
How are the tags being presented to the reader? Are they attached to anything or are you holding them close to your body? In order to maximize the read range with minimal interference, you want to have the tags nearly freely standing or attached to something that is not going to create interference. Metal, water (eg. people) are two of the biggest factors. Also, you will want to make sure the position of the tag aligns with the polarity of the antenna. Lastly, if you are still getting low read ranges, try moving your setup to a different location to see if something in your testing area is creating RF interference for the reader.