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Hello all,

I am facing some errors while using Simultaneous RFID Reader with Arduino & Universal Reader Assistance.

1. With Arduino:

I am using RedBoard and Simultaneous RFID Reader using the Arduino code example to read constant tags, the code is running successfully but I am getting output in comport some boxes or another language. Below is the attached error. Here I have again an issue while changing the region, My region is Europe. Can you please tell me the code for the region of Europe or how to edit the code.

2. With Universal Reader Assitance:

Here I am using Simultaneous RFID reader and SparkFun Serial Basic Breakout - CH340G. Where I can read the tags but can't read it constantly. because I am using 5dB and serial port connection. I want constant tag reading without any disconnection of the reader. So for that reason do I need to use any extra power supply? I am facing an error after 10-second reading as the reader disconnected.
Below is the attachment of the error.

Kindly please help me.
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Hi mane_sne,

The garbled characters in your Serial Monitor are because you have it set to the wrong Baud Rate. The Constant Read Example defaults to 115200 baud and you have yours set to 9600, switch that to 115200 and that should fix the issue. As for setting the region, we cover how to do that in this section of our Hookup Guide for the Simultaneous RFID Reader.

The issue with the Universal Reader Assistant sounds like it is related to your power supply. What type of USB port are you connecting it two with the Serial Basic Breakout (eg. USB 2.0, USB 3.0, etc.)? The Power Supply Considerations section of the Hookup Guide goes over different options to power the Simultaneous RFID Reader that may help you debug this issue. Most likely, the USB port you are connecting to cannot provide enough current for the M6E Nano to run properly and it is resetting. You can try another USB port on your computer if it is 3.0/SS as those provide up to 900mA or you can use an external power supply with the serial connection. Just make sure to adjust JP1 on the back of the RFID Reader to isolate your USB port from an external power supply.
Hi TS-Mark,

Thank you for your response and everything worked well as per your suggestions.
I need a small help in reading multiple tags using the raspberry pi. I have seen a post on the forum related to it, but now it is locked. The link of the forum on Sparkfun is viewtopic.php?t=47277. Here I am not clear with the connections and program. Can you explain to me the connection and provide me the code for running on the raspberry pi with Simultaneous RFID reader and CH340G board? for reading multiple tags. Can you please help me. I am really new to this field and I am not even a good coder.
Hi again,

Unfortunately, SparkFun does not have any example code to use the Simultaneous RFID Reader with a Raspberry Pi. This post might help as another user posted a couple of links for interfacing with a Pi.