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Where are you looking to make your list, and what will it be used for?

My guess is, the code either:

1.) Performed a check each time a tag was successfully scanned, got the strength and checked to see if it was greater than the existing highest strength. If it was greater, it kept that tag's info as the closest tag until another reading with a stronger signal bumped it out.


2.) As each reading came in, it appended them to an array. After the 5 seconds of scanning was up, it looked for the largest strength value in the array to find the winner.

If you want to make a list in the code, to reference later in the code, I'd probably look into storing the readings to an array.
If you want to store them to a file to view back at the computer, look into adding a data logger to your project. It will let you write data to an SD card.
Hi everyone,

Tyler, you are exactly correct here. I am not positive what method Nick used for the demo here but I would guess it is an array since it is comparing the RSSI strength of tags read in 5 seconds after the "first" tag is read. Then it spits out the winning tag that had the highest RSSI strength. Nick explains it a bit in the video but, unfortunately, we do not have that code hosted anywhere.