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By dwyer125
Has anyone has the M6E Nano working with a 3.3V arduino?

The example sketch works fine with a 5v Pro Micro, but when used with the 3.3V Pro Micro I get Module Failed to respond.

Both boards are powered with 5V bench supply. And I am using the Sparkfun Logic Level converter of the RX TX lines when using the 3.3V Pro Micro.

Any ideas??

By paulvha

the only way to get an M6e NANO to work with an ESP32 (also a 3.3V device) was to connect the power to the VUSB (5V)., looks that you can use the RAW. The Nano has a logic converter from 3vV onboard to 5V external. I was not able to connect to the Nano with the extra Sparkfun logic converter. But it worked when I created a voltage divider: 10k resistor, one end connected to GND, the other end to a 5.6K resistor AND a pin on the ESP32. The other end of the 5.6K resistor to RX from the Nano. I did not had to create this for the TX line as that was recognised by the Nano (I don't use enable line)