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I've been working with a tag reader (SEN-14066) connected to a BeagleBone Black through a level shifter, and both connected to a 5V power supply. Currently, my system is set up to read the tag every five seconds. Sometimes it will return a value consistently for 5 minutes, and then drop off and not read anything until I reset it. With the tag sitting still about a foot away from the antenna, I can't figure out why this isn't working.

What sort of troubleshooting steps could I take?

I tried to connect the RFID reader with a level shifter to ESP32 and it failed with reader issues. It turned out that the level shifter on the RFID tag reader was not able to work well with an external level shifter.

The TX from the ESP32 to the RX of the Nano worked well. No changed needed to a direct connection.
The TX from the NANO to the RX of the ESP needed a voltage divider as the Nano has 3.7V output.(the ESP32 has 3.3V max) I the made a level shifter with resistors 2 resistors ( 10K and 5K6) and that worked without problems
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GND ------| 10K  |-----!---- | 5k6 |------  TX from Nano
              pin x (ESP32)