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Hi there, I am creating an art piece with a group of blind and partially sighted people based on a community engagement programme they have been participating in over the past few months. We want to create a piece of tactile art that also uses sound.

I have recorded an interview with each participant and I am going to use the WAV Trigger to trigger each interview through different tactile buttons attached to a laser cut art piece made up of laser cut waveforms of their interviews. I recieved my board a few weeks ago and have succesfuly tested it following your start up guide.

I am wondering if it would be possible to use conductive paint to create a touch switch that when a finger bridges a gap in conductive paint going between the trigger and ground the wav file plays?

I am very new to electronics, appologies if what im asking doesnt make sense.

One other question, is it possible if one WAV file is being played and another one is triggered that the previous one automatically stops instead of playing over each other?

Look forward to hearing any feedback at all.

Hi SG.

Conductive paint has some resistance to it and possibly more than the WAV Trigger is able to cope with on it's own so I don't think the paint will work well for you without additional electronics.

Id' go with a simple button like one of our arcade buttons for this. They're inexpensive and will work great with the WAV trigger plus they are easy to feel. :-)