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By Soinsane
What is the best way I could incorporate an LCD display or similar with the sparkfun Tsunami super wav trigger to see track number or names of the track to be played off the SD card. I want to use this as a stand alone device for my band to trigger backing tracks 1-?? but want a way to know what song I would be triggering at any given time. I intend to have 2 switches to control banks up and down and some to select the wav file and 12 to trigger sounds for the particular wav I selected. I want to use the 8 mono outs 2 to the main mixer and 6 to a headphone amp for monitor for the band (one being a click track to the drummer. If any one has any input one what I would need to accomplish this or any pointers to help me build this device . I haven't started building my project as of yet, just at the stage of buying an order what I need.
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By TS-Chris
Hello Soinsane, and thanks for posting.

The Tsunami doesn't have any provision for a LCD on the board or in it's firmware. What you'd need to do is connect a microcontroller like an Arduino to your LCD, then write the code that displays what you're looking to put on the display. The microcontroller would then send commands serially onto the Tsunami telling it what to play.
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By Soinsane
Yeah thought I would need to use Arduino for a microcontroller. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything that Sparkfun had, or if someone has done something similar. I'm new to all of this coding and stuff, but was fascinated by the capabilities of the Tsunami. This is so useful for musicians for different application that it was too hard to pass up purchasing it. I play to get it to MIDI programming and coding for stage lighting.
I haven't come across that many people building projects out of the wav triggers to gather any more information other than Robertsonics.
Thank you for your reply TS-Chris.