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Hey everybody, I'm in the final stages of making my drum machine using Arduino/ WAV trigger to play drums sounds. I got everything working with the example wav files from the getting started site, but I can't get my own sound files to work. All of the files have been exported from Reaper and formatted at 44.1KHz/ 16 bit, names are IAW the naming standard, I just checked through all of them and they are stereo as well. If I dump my custom files off of the SD card and put the example files back in everything works fine again. The properties of my custom files are the same as the examples, so I don't think I accidentally put any metadata in either. When the WAV trigger boots it does blink 3 times, so I know it reads them. I'm using an external speaker with the onboard amp enabled and the .ini is set so all samples are triggered active high. Thoughts on where to go from here?
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Please try saving your wav files from Audacity. It's entirely possible that Reaper, r8brain or whatever program you're writing the wav files from is doing something that makes the WAV Trigger not recognize them as valid. The "3 blinks" just means that the formatting of the microSD card is correct, not that there are compatible wav files on the card.

If you have a way to connect to the serial port (such as an FTDI-Basic) the Example Remote Control Utility on the download page will display how many compatible files were found on the card.