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By cdw2000
To Jamie Roberts: Are you still supporting/entertaining feature enhancements for the WAV Trigger? If so, I think it would be useful to have an option in the WAV Trigger init file for MIDI to ignore Bank Change messages. This could be used in combination with the already existing option to set trigger inputs to change MIDI banks.

For my application, I would like to be able to control the WAV Trigger from my Novation Ultranova synth to get natural instrument sounds like piano or violin etc. and be able to layer them with the synth sounds on the Ultranova. But when I have the WAV Trigger connected to the Ultranova and select a new synth patch, it also sends a Bank Change command to the WAV Trigger, which causes the WAV Trigger to change sound banks as well. I would like to be able to use the Trigger inputs only for changing the WAV Trigger soundbanks, so that the WAV Trigger can be independent in that respect. I think many synths that double as MIDI controllers work similarly so this could be useful to others as well.
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By robertsonics
It's certainly not a bad idea, but yours is the first and only request for this feature. Fully implementing it not only involves modifying the init file parsing in the firmware, but also requires adding it to the Configurator app and releasing a new version of both. I've made a note of it, and will certainly consider adding it to any new release, but can't promise when that will be.

In the meantime, I'd be willing to make a patched version of the latest firmware that will simply ignore MIDI Program Change messages. It would be a one-time patch with no option for removing this "feature". If interested, please email me at info(at)robertsonics(dot)com.
By cdw2000
Thanks, Jamie. I'll send you an email. If possible I would want this patch be based off the v1.33 firmware that you had made for me about a year ago. As you recall that version set the fade-out ending volume to a lower level. (I still think you should offer that version on your WAV Trigger downloads page). Thanks for supporting this.