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By melmers

I just got the MP3 Trigger working and I am using the example sketches on the i2c pins.

All works fine except the wrong track or file seems to be played.
The monitor shows the correct file count.

I have the files named T001.mp3 or F001.mp3 etc for each test, and the SD is formatted FAT32.

Any other tricks I should know about?

By halloweenrick
I have the older version of that and it specifies that the file has to be 8 characters and then the .mp3 extension. Try changing your filenames to track001.mp3, track002.mp3, etc. My older board would also add ANOTHER .mp3 extension onto it, but I think they fixed that in the newer versions.
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By TS-Chris
Hi Martin.

The command you use to play a file is important here too.
The PLAY_TRACK command plays files in the order they were copied to your SD card where the PLAY_FILENUMBER command plays them by their filename.

The filenames for PLAY_FILENUMBER need to be in the format of Fnnn.mp3 where the first character in the file name is the letter F and the nnn portion is a number.

If you're using the triggers on the edge of the board, you need to name those files beginning with a T rather than a F. For example, trigger 1 would play a file named T001.mp3 but won't play the file named F001.mp3.
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By melmers
Thanks Chris. I did end up discovering it was the order they are written to the SD card for the PLAY_TRACK command. When you copy them as a group you really don't know what order they get written to the SD. If you write them in the wrong order and name them F000.mp3, etc the PLAY_FILENUMBER plays one track, and the PLAY_TRACK command plays another :-) Even written in the wrong order the PLAY_FILENUMBER command plays as expected. When you use the names T000.mp3 etc the files do not play for the PLAY_FILENUMBER command, and the files may in play unexpected order.