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By Pac
Hello Sparkfun Community,

I am working on a little sound project and am looking for a suitable MP3 module. The MP3 Trigger looks promising but there is one thing, I could not find out yet.
Could someone tell me:

1. Does the MP3 Trigger support directories?
2. Can I associate a trigger to a folder instead of a MP3 file and the module will then play the MP3 files from this folder (as a type of Playlist)

For example, I have folder A and folder B. Folder A holds the MP3 files Track01 to Track05, folder B holds the files Track06 to Track16.
Is it possible to trigger folderB, so that the module will play Track06 to Track16 in the right order?

Thank you for support
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By TS-Chris
Hi Pac. Thanks for your question!

Sadly the MP3 Trigger does not support directories and all MP3 files must be in the root directory of your card to be found by the player. There may be another product that will work for you though.

The WAV Trigger also doesn't support directories, but it does allow you to add a config file with the InitMaker utility to your SD card, and with the config file you can associate a range of files to a specific trigger. I think that will do what you're looking for even though the files are all in the same place.

Checkout our hookup guide for basic operation of the WAV Trigger and chapter 6 of the users guide for a more detailed explanation on the InitMaker utility.