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Hi Sparkfun team, maybe you can help with this.

I'm using the Super WAV trigger as an 8ch playback device for a sound installation. However, compared to playing out of my audio interface (with the exact same sound files and no EQ/processing whatsoever) I am getting significantly less low end from the WAV trigger.

I am using the Mono firmware and a single trigger to start & loop all 8 files going to individual ins on an amp (same amp & speakers used with the computer interface).

-- Is there some EQ or Filter setting I might have missed?

I am powering the superWAV trigger from a USB. - let me know if you need any more info!

Hello gdujat.

I'm not aware of a configurable filter or EQ in theTsunami firmware.

The schematic shows a high pass filter on the audio output hardware that should be passing everything above 1.6Hz so anything audible should be getting through. You might try boosting the volume a bit to see if that brings the low end up.