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By benjaminmw
Hey Team
I want to add a MIDI port to the WAV Trigger, but I am not sure how to do it. I see you guys have a MIDI shield DEV-12898, would that work without going through an Arduino? I saw the MIDI to TTL circuit on the robertsonics website too, but it seemed a little daunting. I wonder if this product could be used somehow? (BOB-09118)
THanks for any help.
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By TS-Chris
Hi Benjamin.

I don't have a hookup guide for this, and we don't carry the MIDI breakout board that Robertsonics used in his video, but our MIDI Shield is essentially the same circuit in a slightly different form factor. It should be pretty straight forward to adapt the newer part to work with the WAV Trigger since you only need the power, ground and serial output pins on the shield.

I'd avoid using the optoisolator breakout because it's not really setup for data transfer at MIDI speeds and it's output is wrong for MIDI.