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By TS-Mark
Hi reddogsr,

There is no ability to modify the pitch of a track on either of these boards. Both boards have the ability to repeat a track but a loop will have a small delay before it starts back up again, especially if you are using a compressed file. You might be able to get a nearly imperceptible delay using the Papa Soundie and WAV files but a better option would be to use either the WAV Trigger or the Tsunami Super WAV Trigger.
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By robertsonics
The WAV Trigger will allow you to loop a track, but it doesn't guarantee a seamless loop. Depending on the length of the file, there can be several milliseconds of silence between the end of the track and the beginning. Tsunami does do truly seamless looping independent of the length of the file. The last sample in the track is followed immediately by the first sample, regardless of the size of the file.

Both boards allow for real-time pitch (sample-rate) control. The WAV Trigger will allow changing the pitch of the stereo output, and Tsunami provides independent pitch changing of each of up to 8 outputs.