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The Tsunami.samplerateOffset method doesn't seem to be working.

For example, here is some code that should play a track 16 on output 7 at different sample rate offsets. But I hear no differences in the sound.

tsunami.trackPlayPoly(16, 7, true);
for (int i = -30000; i < 30000; i += 500) {
tsunami.samplerateOffset(7, i);
tsunami.trackPlayPoly(16, 7, true);

I tried it without stopping and restarting the track, and didn't any changes in pitch either. Note that tsunamiDelay is a function that delays for a certain number of ms while calling tsunami.delay();

The documentation for tsunami.samplerateOffset isn't very clear. Could someone provide any example of it being used to change the pitch/speed of a sound file?

Bill Pugh
After some testing, I determined that it works on Tsunami v1.09s, but not on the mono version, Tsunami v1.09m.

I was trying to do the pitch blending on channel 7 in the mono version, if that is significant.

I'm trying to use this board for a Burning Man art project; would be really nice I could find a way to make this work on the mono version quickly.