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By aevio
So I brought a Wav Trigger to interface with a Crestron automation system based on feedback on a Crestron forum. We're a bit confused on the RS-232 portion, if we need any adapters or what not. Is there a difference between the RS-232 communications on the MP3 Trigger device vs. the Wav Trigger device? We had purchased the Wav Trigger but we're thinking we needed the MP3 trigger because of how the RS-232 works.

Here's where we are at:

Have RS-232 cable hooked up to the Wav Trigger RX, TX & GND. Using a generic USB to Serial adapter on a laptop and attempting to communicate with the device using Wave Trigger Serial Control v. 0.22 software. We can't seem to get any communication.

At the end of the day we need our Crestron RS-232 port to be able to send commands to trigger .wav or .mp3 files. Any tips will be much appreciated.
By n1ist
Both the MP3 trigger and WAV trigger have 3.3v logic level signals. RS232 has a higher voltage bipolar signal of roughly +/-10 to 15v. goes into this in more depth.

For either board, the USB to serial cable to connect to a PC would be one like For connecting directly to the 9-pin connector on the Crestron units, it looks like you would need something like