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By LeoMusic
In my first order of 5 wave triggers there was unit broke.
Also in my last order of 2 units one unit is broke.
I reported the first problem but there was no responce.
When reported the 2nd defect unit we get this responce:
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We would be happy to research your question and answer it in the forums. That way, if other users have the same question they and the rest of the community can benefit from your post.

What to do?
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By TS-Chris
Hi Leo and thanks for posting in our forums.

We test each of these during the manufacturing process to ensure everything is in working order so you should have received functional WAV Triggers.

What are you using for a power supply and what is the voltage and polarity of that supply? Can you send a photo of the label on your power supply? Do the boards do anything at all when you power them? You should at least see some activity from the LED on the board. Is the LED blinking pattern or doing anything at all? Finally, what size SD card are you using and how was it formatted?

With this information, we should be able to figure out what might be going on.