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I embedded a Tsunami Super WAV Trigger in a pink plastic pig (originally a novelty USB-powered radio). The pig's ears control triggers 1 and 2; a MIDI jack controls pitched playback.

Super-fun, but two issues:
  1. WAV files click at the beginning unless they incorporate a fade-in. You can hear the clicks in the Robertsonics Mellotron samples in this video clip:
  2. Looped tracks crash the Tsunami at the start of the third iteration. You can hear that at the end of the video.
My guess is that both issues are either firmware bugs or due to the SD card. Note that I attached the card with a 6-inch extension cable so I could access it without disassembling the case. (The cable feeds through the battery hatch in the pig's belly.)
  • I've powered the project from a variety of USB wall adapters and batteries.
  • The SD card is an 8GB SanDisk Class 4; I haven't tried other varieties yet.
  • I'm running firmware 1.09s.
  • I also tried renaming the files as ###_L1.wav.
Thanks for reading. Any tips?

Note: The circuit board in the upper half of the pig is an oscillator that plays through the snout speaker. The pig's tail turns it on and controls the frequency.
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I recently had occasion to run Tsunami looping 2 independent loop tracks for over a week with no issue, so I'm reasonably certain it's not a firmware issue. The first thing that comes to mind is your 6" microSD card extender. The Tsunami microSD bus runs at 50MHz and there's a limit to how long those traces can be before it causes problems. Have you tried it with the microSD card in the socket (not on the extender?) When troubleshooting things like this, I always recommend simplifying things.

Can you share your init file contents?
Dang, I was so pleased with how the extender cable eased access to the card! I'll open up the case and try it directly, and also try another card. Thanks for the quick response.

Here's what's in the ini file. The MIDI and Audio Settings are in their default state.
Code: Select all
#TRIG 01, 80, 0, 0, 2, 1, 4
#TRIG 02, 80, 0, 0, 4, 5, 54
This file was generated by the Robertsonics Configurator v2.00
for use with the Tsunami Stereo firmware. It is only required if
you wish to over-ride default settings. You may add your own
comments below this line -->
By 142victoria
I have made a midi musical instrument using an Arduino playing wav files on a Tsunami Wav Trigger, with this one plays a melody with a drones accompaniment (sounds like a bagpipe).
So far the Tsunami SD card (Kingston 16GB class4) has 331wav files at 3.69 GB.
The problem is that the selected looping drones that should play continuously will after some time, stop playing for a short while (fraction of a second) then restart again.
I am convinced this is not a arduino software issue of my making.
What is causing the problem?
(ps I have seen that there is also another post that also mentions a looping problem caused perhaps by sd card class problem, is my problem related?).