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Right now, I am working on a project which uses the SparkFun Sound Detector to detect the ambient noise. I, further need to record the ambient noise to go forward with the project. Hence I was thinking that if I could use the audio and envelope output to record the data in a CSV format and then converting it to a (.wav) file. But unfortunately, I have not been able to achieve my goal due to some lack of knowledge about the said sensor (like the sampling rate of the sensor) while giving me the output from the audio and the envelope pin.
I would be really grateful if anyone can assist me with the Arduino code to store the proper information needed in a CSV file. so that I can later convert the CSV file to a (.wav) format file.
Unfortunately the Sound Detector alone is probably not a good choice to create a WAV file. There are some libraries to create WAV's with an Arduino, but you're probably better off using something else as the sound quality isn't going to be very good. The links below might be helpful to you. ... ding-audio