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I haven’t been able to find an answer to the below question on either Robertsonics or Sparkfun FAQ/Help sections and I’m hoping you’ll be able to help.

I’m working with a Robertsonics wav player (the most recent version, with the correspondingly up to date firmware) and have created a system that has a jump on trigger 1, and a small magnet switch interrupting the power to the player. The idea is that when the object is picked up, one random track or a series of randomized tracks (properly labeled with 001-005 file names and rendered to the designated bit rate / type through audacity) will play. So far everything is working alright, aside from the observable omission of some of the files with each experimental ordering of the files.

What I mean is; the issue I am having is that each time I set the trigger function to “random” in the .init file, and specify the range, it plays only a fraction of the tracks. After testing and renaming/reordering the files, it appears that the “inside” files seem to be the ones playing (I.e. 002-004 and NOT 001 or 005)

I acknowledge that this could be a fluke, but since I have tried renaming and reordering the files multiple times I cannot see another explanation for the omissions.

It also only seems to play one track at a time under the current programming.

So, Another way to word my question is- do the tracks get randomly sequenced at the start of the power cycle ? Or is the track selected randomly with each engagement of the trigger?

I hope you have a moment to help us out as it would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Lou.

I'm not exactly sure how the tracks are randomized. It could be a random seed that's chosen at power up or it could be hard coded into the firmware somewhere. If Robertsonics is on the forum, he may be able to tell you how the tracks are randomized.

Is there a reason why you're interrupting power to the WAV Trigger? It seems like it would be better for you to connect your switch to a trigger and leave the player powered up all the time. I think if you do that, the player will work the way you're intending it too.