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By Jeff7
Hello, hopefully someone may be able to help me set up MIDI control of the WAV Trigger board? I've tried following the website support and it's a bit over my head.

I'm using the WAV Trigger as a basic sample player - works great!

...but the Pitch bending function appeals to me.

I wonder if there is any guide / advice to a simple way to set-up a midi control (via a pot) to utilise this?

I have a Teensy/Arduino board from a while ago here.... maybe I can use this?

I'm not sure how to get the two to communicate/connect?

Any help / links appreciated!

Thanks :)
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By TS-Mark
Hi Jeff,

If you just want to use the pitch bending function, it might be easier to just use the Arduino library for the WAV Trigger found here. You can connect your Teensy or Arduino to the serial input on the WAV Trigger by following the Arduino Serial Control Tutorial.

I hope this helps you figure out a good way to use the pitch bending control on your WAV Trigger. If you have any other questions about the WAV Trigger, please reply to this post and we would be happy to help as much as we can.