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Of the 5 WAV Trigger boards I received, 1 was DOA and returned, the other 4 have non-functional power terminals and mislabeled "GND" on trigger inputs. Photos attached. Can these boards replaced with fully functional and correctly labeled versions??

1. Mislabeled “GND” on wrong row of trigger inputs. This is a serious issue. If I had not read the Hookup Guide first I might have wired the boards incorrectly and potentially caused serious damage: "Keep in mind, ground connections are closest to the edge of the board and are there for convenience to be used along with a trigger. The actual triggers are the second row from the edge."

2. Second row of power & ground connections is non-working on all 4 of the non-DOA boards I received. It’s nice to have the extra connections...but only if they actually work.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
I think you might be a bit confused as to how the silkscreen corresponds to the pads on the board. This image might help clear things up for you.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Thanks for your response.
Yes it is confusing. So there are two rows of screen print, the top one applying to the second row of terminals and the bottom one to the row nearest the edge? Is there documentation explaining what the terminals are? That would be helpful.

Now - what about the mislabeling "GND" for the top row of the input terminals???? Perhaps future versions should be changed.

Apart from this I am very satisfied with the boards capabilities and easy setup. They worked perfectly for an ongoing sound installation which in the end will use at least 12 WAV Trigger boards. The WAV T. board will also allow me to easily rebuild two older creative works from the 90’s: a responsive chair and a performance work. I am pleased.
OK, I get misunderstanding of the input terminal screen print as the "GND" indicator referring the the top row instead of its intended bottom row designation. My mistake and apologies. Thanks again for your explanation.

Is it possible to see a higher resolution version of the board image you posted?