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By michaelad17
When I power my wav trigger the led blinks rapidly 10 times and then once every 3 seconds. It does not play the sound files loaded on the sd card. I read on a different post that the ten blinks means there is either a problem with the file system or card. I checked and my card is fat 32 which the wav trigger supports and the files I am trying to play are the sample files on the hook up guide so I'm not sure what else I am doing wrong.

By robertsonics
You are correct that the 10 blinks means a problem with the card and/or formatting. I was going to ask if by any chance the card is larger than 32GB, in which case it could be XFAT, but you say it's FAT32, which should be fine.

I would suggest trying a different card, and if a second card shows the same symptom, it could be a hardware issue with your board, specifically a bad microSD socket or bad solder joint on the microSD socket or CPU. Is this the first time you've tried to use this WAV Trigger?