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By cdw2000
I'm trying to use the WAV Trigger along with my MIDI keyboard controller to create a sampling keyboard. Everything is working great except the fade-in/fade-out algorithms for the Attack and Release CC settings. Attack seems acceptable, but for Release settings, the fade-out algorithm seems to fade to a point, then abruptly cuts off the sound. Just to be clear I know the fade-out max. duration is 2 seconds and that there is more than 2 secs remaining in the WAV file(s) when I release the note(s). I'm using beta firmware 1.32.

Question: At what percentage of volume does the fade-out algorithm completely cut off the sound? Or could there be a bug where the firmware stops playback of the WAV file before fully faded? And can this be updated in a new firmware release?

Assuming 256 linear volume steps (8-bits), the algorithm should be able to get to about 0.4% of the original volume (or 48 db down) before cut-off.

I'm also wondering if the Tsunami WAV Trigger does this better?