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Thank you for the update. That makes perfect sense and apologies that I didn't try a solution to that sooner.
I should have known better.

Thank you for the full explanation!

This is the first DIY type device in my music rig and a massive positive value to how I like to interface with sound & rhythm. THANK YOU for your assistance and of course thank you for such an awesome product.
I'm building a sample player synth which uses the Tsunami as a sound source with the four stereo outputs being fed through stereo VCAs so I can control them individually. Lots of analogue stuff on the output which is all stereo with stereo LFOs. I've written some LFO code which in turn sends pitch bend information as vibrato. This works quite well. I'm using the Serial input as well as the MIDI input because I have separate processors sending different information. I have got into trouble when doing the LFO Vibrato signal on top of a bender data coming from a joystick. The poor Tsunami just says "no way" and stops playing. It doesn't hang. I am having issues with I2C which is used through out the unit. That's my task for today.
I saw your posts about this project. It sounds amazingly awesome!
I think I'd like to try that sometime, but "not enough hours in the day".

All of this 'constructing tools to make tools to make music' is starting to weigh heavily on me. The Tsunami is integral to my rig (It's my drum kit!), but there's a bunch of other gear to do other things.

Side project was configuring an Arduino based button controller to send MIDI msgs to a Squarp Pyramid to make it "do a thing" - the kind of thing that most people who use this gear look at me and just glaze over when I describe it. Perhaps you can relate? :) Strangely enough, I find using a generic button controller and a BomeBox to be easier to pgm than an Arduino. Ack! (I shouldn't say that here, eh? heh heh)
There's not enough hours in a year ! I've been working on this for two years now and it does weigh me down quite a bit. I'm going back to doing music part time as of March so things will slow down a little more but I am hoping to get all the hardware into the box and maybe even wired up as well.

I've made several smaller Arduino based midi projects for similar jobs like you've mentioned. I find the hardware is the most work. My most complete job was a ribbon controller for a modular nut friend - ... ibbon.html