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By jordi_p
Hi, first poster and noob here. Sorry if this question is obvious.

I'm planning to use the wavTrigger, driven by an Uno, in a project involving vast amounts of .wav files that will be on regular rotation. I'll need play them according to some conditions (such as tonal info, tempo, etc). Since the audios will be constantly changing, it would be much more convenient for me that the needed data was previously embedded in each .wav file, instead of maintaining a large database that would eat up resources.

Off the top of my head, two possible ways of encoding the data I need into the files themselves would be using their filenames (after the obligatory four-digit index) or using some metadata in the files headers.

Is there a way for the Arduino or the wavTrigger to access filenames in the SD card, or alternatively, the headers of the .wav files?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)
By amongstmyselves
Alas I don't think there's any way to get information off the wav Triggers sd card. I'm working on a project where I also need to know details of the sd card's contents. I've attached a sd card reader to my Arduino so I can store details of the wave Triggers sd card which I need to access for performance details.
By jordi_p
Thanks mate, this is probably what I'll end up doing if there's no workaround. One further question, may I ask which board have you used for your project? Do you think an Uno could support both the SD shield (with constant reading from the card) and the wavTrigger? Thanks.
By amongstmyselves
I'm using a Mega2560 Pro Mini - ... -16au.html mainly because I needed multiple hardware serial ports which you may also need especially if you plan on using external MIDI control as well the Tsunami. You'll need hardware serial connections for that. Of course a standard Mega2560 will do the job. I'm only using this small format one as it's mounted onto another pcb.
By jordi_p
Belated thanks amongstmyselves - since I need it to be quite a minimal and compact assembly (I would need it to fit into an old walkman player), and I'll only use one analogue input for volume, I'll give a simple Uno a go and resort to the Mega later.