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By r.van den broek
I have this board and it wors standalone ok.

Only the volume of the sound is very soft. How can i change the volume of this card ( output is 3,5mm )
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By TS-Chris
Hello, and thanks for your post!

There are three ways you can adjust the volume on the MP3 Trigger.
  1. Use the INI file to create volume up/down buttons on two free trigger pins.
  2. Send volume commands with a microcontroller via serial to the board through the FTDI interface on the edge of the board.
  3. Add an external audio amplifier.
The first option is the easiest but if you don't get enough volume from that, the third option would be your only other choice. (The second option isn't any louder than the first.)

We don't have instructions for adding your own external amplifier but the first two options are covered in the hookup guide that you can find at the link below.
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By kenan01
How do you access the INI file. I am new to this and I have a SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Trigger. I want to increase the volume. Do i need an Arduino board and the software to reprogram ny SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Trigger?
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By TS-Chris
Please see the hookup guide linked above.