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By akilo44
Project name: Hug Monster, Frank Hodgson
two parallel, level audio mikes; spaced apart about 1/2 inch on forehead of doll-like unit
sound source; noise or speech, about 15 inches away
lateral offset (of pair of eyes); due to time of delivery difference; about 40 deg (right or left), zero if no difference
slow response time; eyes and eye support frame are light weight
possible use of 2 Arduino microphone sound input modules
suggestions as to gear to process input and drive eye frame requested
Thank you. Frank
Hi Frank, and thanks for posting.

For moving the eyes, you might consider a servo like one of the ones below. Any of those can move the eyes left, right or straight ahead.

For sound input, our Sound Detector board might work for you and for a controller that receives input and controls the servo, our RedBoard Qwiic could be used.

You'd need to write the software that makes everything function the way you're looking for, but these parts should do the trick. :-)