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By burrism
Good evening. I have a Fitech high torque servo and want to buy a shaft hub attachment. My queries have narrowed down the fitting to either a Hitech or Futaba standard fitting but I am not sure which one to order. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Does Sparkfun sell a 1/2" hub shaft adapter and a 1/4" shaft adapter for this servo? I guess I am not sure which is which, are there only two sizes (Hitech and Futaba)?
Do all Futaba accessories have the same size spline diameter (smaller than Hitech) and tooth count?
And the same for Futaba?

Thanks in advance for the insight and your understanding/patience with my rookie questions.
Hi again,

That is a great resource page for all things servo-spline related and hopefully, that helps you find the right parts. ServoCity is the manufacturer of the Actobotics Hardware we carry so if you cannot find the right servo accessories on our site, they would be the best place to check next.