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By free
CMD52 command is used for accessing 128k register space.Thats why you se e the excessive use of it. With CMD52 you can only access one register at the time.To read/write multiple registers you can use CMD53 command.
By a2retro

Hey seulater, your not the only guy after all ... which Spectec SDIO card are you working with?
By a2retro
I noticed that cardaccess-inc has now has another sdio AR6001 based option that can be used for development or production. ... =wlan_burt

This already has open source drivers as well.

Something to consider.
By seulater
Hey, thanks for the link. looks good but i am trying for low cost.
i am using the 820
i can get them all day long for $30
By a2retro
I just ordered the cardaccess-inc - CAW-SDIOG. I wil llet you know what I get with it. The power consumption is still higher then I would like it though ...

I hear you on the price. Problem is the shipping is sometimes more then the card on flea-bay.

I was compring specs on the SDW-820 vs SDW-821

My assumption (probably wrong) is that these are both spectec cards - ... 0211g.html

The 821 is attractive to me even if it costs a bit more as the power consumption is very low.

So the SDW-820 uses which chipset?
By jconradt
For size and weight reasons I really prefer the spectec cards:

They offer mini and (soon to be released) micro cards. I assume (or better I hope ;)) they use the same chipset as your SDW-820, but I don't know. Is anyone interested in investigating in this card? Drop me a note and we can arrange something. I am absolutely willing to sponsor a few of such cards if you guys are looking into developing/re-engineering a driver! Let me know! I ultimately want to run the card *without* OS, so just a microcontroller/-processor and the card!

Best regards, Jorg
By free
I think that Spectec uses Intersil PRISM chips in their cards
By a2retro
From the embeddedworks web site it looks like the full sized b/g sdio card uses a MediaTek chipset.

Perhaps thats Intersil PRISM compatible?
By seulater
those of you interested in playing, some guy has posted the data sheet for the Intersil Prisim data sheet for the Spectec 820 card on the web.
I too have gotten this document but i have an NDA signed with Spectec. He should not have posted it, so you need to nab it while you can, before they realize that its a NDA document and remove it.

sign up for here:
and go to the files section and get this pdf "PRISM Driver Programmers Manual.pdf " this doc will give you the register settings for the card.

By jconradt
I once received a one line reply regarding chips from spectec.

>> As for the chip we used for SDW-825 or SDM-780, it is not Marvell or Atmel or Philips, but MTK.

Maybe that useful for anyone?

Regards, J
By a2retro
it looks like the Embeddedworks sdio page is down at the moment but I see from the cached text that I misread the page. Sorry for the confusion. ... 0211g.html

The first card b/g is the spectec SDW-821 and uses a MediaTek chip - #unspecified.

The second card which I mistook for the spectec 802.11b card is actually a b/g card and uses the MediaTek MT5911

Has anyone taken the cover off the Spectec 802.11b card?
By seulater
well, since i only have one to play with right now, im not doing it :wink:
By a2retro
I have just ordered the SDW-820 as well.

Which host platform are you working from?
By a2retro
I haven't checked into it fully yet but I have a few options, listed in the most likely order I will attempt to get working

1) Use the AirDrop P I already have (didn't do much with). Get my Linksys CF card going with Fred's code and then try to adapt that to SPI.

2) Use a Olimex PC-H40 - LPC2106 module - (I guess I could try the code your working on with that module in parallel with my efforts).

3) Use a ATMega32 or AT90USB1267 Key (I was doing some work trying to get a USB based Zydas chip working a while back).

They are all a little shy in the flash department so I will have to see where this goes.
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