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By whay
Good afternoon~ 8) Thank you for taking time to read my topic.

The purpose I would like to realize is passing the serial assistant of PC to send a character to MCU,it can be read in the program and take this character to a variable, after that paying this variable to IO.Now you can see output wave in IO. I don’t know if you understand in my state.Because I’m a beginner to learn STM32 so that I can’t express accurately and clearly.I found a process that can achieve sending MCU a character by PC,then the character can be show passed the serial assistant of PC,I changed something in the receive parts of the serial in this program,”jieshou” in the program is defined into one of the IO. However the serial assistance is continuing to send it,IO is always in the position of low level. I feel the part I changed have some problems,but I don’t know how to revise it? I hope you can tell me how to modify it ,The following picture is my disrupted program.
Thanks a lot!
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By Valen
First of all, your problem description is quite hard to understand. You say you have changed something in the code. What have you changed in it? Posting a random part of it doesn't help. What is the rest of the code? Or what was the entire original code?

And why do you place a link to that website in most of your threads? It serves no purpose other than advertising.
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