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Everything ARM and LPC
By JezzaOz

I'm a newbie to embedded ARM systems so this is a general enquiry about where to start. I have done higher power embedded Linux systems using Intel architecture - e.g. the ALIX. I'm now after a low power ARM system for prototyping a portable system under battery operation.

My requirements are:
  • - ARM processor
    - Linux OS (probably debian derived)
    - Plenty of onboard RAM min 256M
    - Boots and runs from SD card
    - GPS/GLONASS, WiFi, Bluetooth.
    - Real-Time Kinetics
    - RFID reader/writer circuit
    - Controllable power for battery conservation
    - Optional battery charge control
    - Runs off a 1200mAh 1S LiPo for 12 hours out of a 24 hour period
This obviously doesn't all have to be on the same card. I want to prototype before later going to a production system where it's all on the same PCB. My aim is to get the smallest and cheapest number of modules together to do the above and develop software for initial trials on the prototypes.

Any advice on the core processor and any add-on bits will be mightily appreciated.