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Everything ARM and LPC
By Phisher
I recently obtain an LM3S811 evaluation board and an MLX90614ESF-DCI ... B00A6P2YF8 infra-red thermal sensor. I am a software developer but not very knowledgeable about embedded systems that is why I wanted to learn and be familiar with this field. You can consider me as a newbie. I am currently using an IAR IDE that comes with the CD from my evaluation board. I have managed to understand the potentiometer, user button and LED display functionalities and managed to create a custom program from those I/Os. Now I wanted to learn how to work with GPIOs or the pins connected to my evaluation board. To make the story short, I wanted to try to make a program that can read a temperature from SCL and SDA and display the result in the LED display with the setup like on the picture below. I have looked at the samples from the CD and the web for I2C but I can't follow the explanation on how I2C works. I was wondering if anyone have already made a same project as mine and provide some example for IAR IDE. Any help will be very much appreciated.

By Phisher
I have been told to put a 4.7k ohm resistors on each of the pin that connects to SCA and SCL as stated on the setup in the datasheet. I will try to post an updated setup once I managed to get those connected. I still have problems with slave address and byte to send and receive. I am not familiar with those. Any help will be appreciated.
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