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Everything ARM and LPC
By einsteiner
I have a board set up with an LPC1343 using the built-in HID driver. I can send a command the chip to enter programming mode, which causes SetOutReport to set a flag, which the main loop sees and calls ReinvokeISP, and it reboots as a MSC device. Now I want to get rid of the main loop, so I put checking the flag in SysTick_Handler, which causes it to fail. The device locks up and Windows tells me a USB device has malfunctioned.

My thinking is that SysTick_Handler is blocking an interrupt handler the USB needs, so I moved it to a periodic interrupt on CT32B0 with the priority set to 7 so it would be less than the USB interrupts, but it had the same problem. How can I allow the USB interrupts to run inside the SysTick interrupt?