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Everything ARM and LPC
By GLinBoy
I'm studying Using Open Source Tools for AT91SAM7S Cross Development, and then looking for tool that is named on this article; But unfortunately, I can't find this tools:
  • yagarto-ide-20061002-setup.exe
  • yagarto-bu-2.17_gcc-4.1.1-c-c++_nl-1.14.0_gi-6.5.5.exe
After all, i see that official site said: "Task completed" :doh: ! I need that tools to setup first development environment and then upgrade to new version, Step By Step, because i new in ARM development and this article is one of best that i found. If possible for you, help me to download right this application.

Kind regards,
Hojjat Abedie -=- GLinBoy
By GLinBoy
Hello again,
After searching, I try connect to people that can help me to find this file.
After all, I use " Make a wish " of Olimex, and then they answer me; They give me this link that continent all of file that i need: ... sp=sharing
It is packed with Nero software. You might write the image to a CD and then explore it or you can use virtual CD software to explore it directly from your hard disk (like “Alchohol120%” or “Daemon Tools”).
Also they say a recommend:
I also recommend you to check the newer revision of our “Open Development Suite” here: ... s/OpenOCD/
Contents of this CD include:
Z:\DOCs\ARM Cross Development with Eclipse version 4.pdf
Z:\DOCs\Spanish Tutorial ARM rev2.pdf
special Thanks from Olimex :text-thankyouyellow:
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